Hello, and welcome to the most technical (aka boring) tab of my blog. Since there’s been a lot of questioning around the integrity of bloggers lately I’ve decided to put together a little disclaimer to cover any grey areas that may come with reading this site.



This blog is predominantly based around creative people and interviews, so the majority of the free products I get sent are either items of clothing or shoes and accessories. Since outfit posts are the posts that takes the longest to create I do ask that companies are understanding about the fact that these may take a little longer to be published than others. In general these posts are published within two weeks of receiving the item, but I do try to get them live as soon as possible. When choosing


Beauty posts make up a fair part of my blog, so I do accept beauty products to potentially review. I much prefer natural looking makeup over anything else, so the chances of me featuring bright coloured eyeshadows and lipsticks are a lot slimmer than something more neutral, however I am willing to try different things.


I’m very happy to receive gadgets, lifestyle products and home wares to review just so long as they tie in with my own personal style. The timescale for posting about lifestyle products may vary depending on the item, so please contact me personally if timing is important to you.